Central Asia Institute and Pennies for Peace present the Peace Leader Awards

The Peace Leader Awards recognize students in schools around the US who have committed to a cause and made a difference in their own community, or in the lives of people half a world away.

Our Peace Leader Award winners have shown dedication to our mission of educating children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan by conducting multi-year Pennies for Peace campaigns, starting on-campus Pennies for Peace clubs, and supporting local causes.

Peace Leaders are big, small, young, old, kids, and adults. You don’t have to build a school to be a Peace Leader. Are you are quietly making a difference? Then we want you hear from you!

Peace Leadres

What is a peace leader?

Congratulations to the 2016 Peace Leader Award winners:

Eastern Technical High School, Baltimore County, Maryland

Eastern Technical High School, Baltimore County, Maryland

The book Three Cups of Tea has inspired many people in many different ways with the message that one person can have a profound impact on the world. In 2004, Todd Wade, a teacher at Eastern Technical High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, was one of those people. After reading the book, he approached his students with an idea for a brand new service learning club that would help students better understand the value of building peace through education. This club was called the Pennies for Peace Club, and Tom encouraged his colleague, Frank McGrath, to help develop the club. Read more…

Meet 2016 Peace Leader Award Winner Christine LaPorte

Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, California

Christine LaPorte began her career at Mission Hills High School in San Marcos, CA where she spent eight years teaching mathematics to high school students. Christine’s students came from diverse backgrounds, including first generation immigrants from Mexico, and about half benefited from the free and reduced lunch program. Read more…

Highland Elementary School, Riverside, California

Denise Allen is a 6th grade elementary school teacher. She currently teaches at Highland Elementary School in Riverside, CA, just 20 minutes from San Bernardino. The children at Denise’s school understand cultural diversity because they are growing up in neighborhoods of varying ethnicities. Read more…

B’nai Israel Religious School

B’nai Israel Religious School, Southbury, Connecticut

Shari Lynn Kochman credits the book Three Cups of Tea for not only helping to teach her students about global charity, but as an inspiration in her own life. Shari Lynn teaches third graders at B’nai Israel Religious School in Southbury, CT. She enjoys the fact that she teaches her students a wide array of things including, Hebrew, religious culture, rituals, and more, during their time together twice a week. Read more…

Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School, Roseville, Illinois

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