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The concept of culture may be new, or difficult, for some students to understand. Although students may be aware that some of their friends practice a different religion, or have different family traditions, they may not be aware that those things make up a person’s culture—or of the importance of acknowledging that we all come from different cultures.

In this lesson students first research culture in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Next, they are asked to brainstorm the attributes that make up their own cultures. Then, students create their own culture square to illustrate their family customs and culture. They can draw pictures, make collages or use any other creative ideas. When all the students have finished, they put the squares together to form a quilt made up of different squares and different cultures.

Students will explore their own culture and make connections to other cultures— exploring the similarities and differences among cultures and developing an appreciation for cultural diversity in our global community

View a PDF of the Culture Quilt Lesson HERE.

Middle and high school teachers: Use the Essential Questions on page 2 of the lesson plan to encourage your students to think about culture in deeper ways. The Essential Questions can prompt journal assignments, essays, or larger projects.

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