Educate a girl. Change the world.

We know that until children, especially girls, are educated, societies won’t change.

Education is the antidote for ignorance, poverty, and war.

Pennies for Peace has seen the positive impact of education on children on both sides of the Pennies for Peace bridge. In the villages of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan an education provides the opportunity to break the cycle of extreme poverty, terrorism, and war.

  • Children with educated mothers are 2 times as likely to go to school
  • More then 573 million women and girls worldwide are illiterate
  • More than 62 million girls globally are out of school
  • 46% of the world’s population is under age 14

At the same time, as students in our country participate in Pennies for Peace, they broaden their cultural horizons, and come to understand their own capacity as philanthropists.

They learn valuable skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration. The greatest legacy we can give our children is a legacy of lasting peace.

Educating one woman is equivalent to educating several men because she shares her knowledge with her family, her children, and her community.

What 2500 pennies can buy
What 5000 pennies can buy

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More than 569 million women and girls are illiterate

We have found that there are several factors that contribute to keeping girls in school.

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