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Pennies for Peace is a meaningful philanthropic program

Any group interested in the lasting effects of education in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan—especially for girls—can get involved. Pennies for Peace participants have immediate, meaningful impact with every contribution!

Don’t see your organization, club or social group listed below, but have a great idea? Contact us to get involved and discuss next steps.

One penny. A world of change.

  • Help your co-workers turn their loose change into meaningful change. Put penny jars in your reception area, on desks, and in conference rooms. Allow employees to dress down, wear flip-flops, or even come to work 30 minutes late when they make a donation!
  • Encourage a friendly competition to see which department can collect more pennies.
  • Donate a % of purchases for a certain period of time to Pennies for Peace.
  • Set an example and match employee giving!
  • Make this year about Peace & Giving! So often, we recognize a need and want to help, but we don’t know how. Remember, 100% of the funds raised through Pennies for Peace go directly to funding schools and providing supplies for students in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan.
  • Use the Pennies for Peace toolkit and curriculum to educate Sunday school children about being philanthropists and how they can make a difference.
  • Host an event.

Ask your members to bring pennies, or donations of any size, to your book club meeting. One book club opted to donate what they would have spent on treats that night! Take a moment during your meeting to read about the impact of girls education in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Make it personal and fun!

Many troops have charity badges that scouts can earn by participating in Pennies for Peace! Our FREE curriculum and toolkit make it easy for you to manage the program while helping your young leaders understand why they are collecting pennies. Download the lessons and toolkit.

  • Donate $1 for every hit, run, goal, lap, basket, strike, serve, hole, or touchdown.
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